With the rapid increase of the hotel, in order to increase occupancy rate rents, the direction of competition has evolved from the hardware competition to service competition. Nowadays human intelligence with great advantages. The check-in and service informatization are attract the young fashion people and business people. Implements the guests self-service check-in, no stay for self-service check-out, and the membership card new self-help management system. The system to realize the scientific management of hotel and guest service demand.
Hotel Kiosks solution help customers check-in and check-out rapidly, apply for the membership card, prepaid card, online booking offline check-in, information query, advice, feedback and other functions, lowering the operating costs for the hotel. Platform server can be deployed in the headquarters of the chain hotels, can also deployed in different hotel. According to customer requirements, support the different network access.

  • Multi-function
    ID, QR code, verification code, phone number, the membership card is dealt with order.

  • Easy use
    Easy, simple and fast.

  • Flexible payment
    Wechat, alipay, NFC, bank card and cash all accepted.

  • Insurance
    Industry standard, with prevent riot and guard against theft function.

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