More and more people go to cinema to spend holidays. But line up for a long time in the cinema, will be affect the mood of the customers, also affect the development of the cinema.

1. Customer need read the instruction for many times to know clearly how to buy tickets;
2. Can not get accurate information for different accent;
3. Non-cash payment has gradually become the mainstream;
4. Line up for a long time, the customers will be annoyed and exhausted;
5. The labor cost increase;
6. The customers do not satisfied the service and will be produce the conflict;
7. Market competition is becoming more and more intense, the direction of competition has evolved from the past "commodity competition" to "service competition“.
Cinema kiosk solution include terminal monitor centre, AD monitor centre, AD player software, background operation monitoring system and client access system.

Main function:
1. Ticketing function;
2. Membership card function;
3. Browsing movie and selling present;
4. Advertising and promotion;
5. The background management software.  


  • Multi-function
    ID, QR code, verification code, phone number, the membership card is dealt with order.

  • Flexible payment
    Wechat, alipay, NFC, bank card and cash all accepted.

  • Insurance
    Industry standard, with prevent riot and guard against theft function.

  • Strong expansibility
    Customized according to different application scenarios, such as advertising and selling functions.

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